b. 1990 in Padova, Italy


– Education
2013 – 2016, MA History of Art and Preservation of the Artistic Heritage, Cà Foscari University of Venice, Italy
2009 – 2012, BA Visual Arts and Theatre, IUAV University of Venice, Italy


– Exhibitions

Is there something I should know, Vinifero, 2019, Vienna
Adrian, George, Peter, Sofia, Tamina, P420, 2019, Bologna
The Dream Follows The Mouth, Arcade, 2019, London
Supersimmetry, Strizzi, 2018, Köln
Les Pratiques Solitaires, curated by Francesco Garutti and Vittorio Dapelo, THE VIEW, 2018, Genoa
Chesky’s manor, on the matter of services, Taylor Macklin, 2018, Zürich
Night Plinths, narrative projects, 2018, London
Soirée at the Fiery Friary, curated by Shaun McDowell, 2017, London
Pink Density, curated by Humberto Poblete-Bustamante, Clovis XV, 2017, Brussels
You Say Monet, I Say Manet. Kate Hiley and Sofia Silva, LDD, 2016, Turin
Glorious Abandon, Dynamite Projects, 2016, Redhill
Vis-à-vis, Galerie Le Cabinet Dentaire, 2015, Paris
Stripped to Tease, LOCOMOT Gallery, 2015, Wien
Figure This Out #Paris, 2015, Paris
Figure This Out #Leeds, Assembly House, 2015, Leeds
Eden Amiss: Luci Eyers, Sofia Silva, The Juncture, Unit 3, ASC Studios, 2014, London
Turps Studio Programme Final Show, Vigo Gallery, 2013, London
Studio Exhibition, V22 Exhibition Space, 2013, London
Artist Of The Day, Flowers Gallery, 2013, London
Turps Art School, Interim Show, The Mayor’s Parlour, 2013, London
First Come, First Served, The Lion and Lamb Gallery, 2012, London
Mindsurf, Galerie Christian Berst, curated by Seymour Art Projects and Melissa Unger, 2012 Paris
della Carezza, curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, 2012, Spazio Punch, Venice
Fuori Programma, curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, 2011, Cinema Rex, Padua


– Residencies
2019, Q-Rated Nuoro, Quadriennale di Roma  [link]
2012 – 2013, Turps Painting Programme, London


Sofia Silva also contributes short stories and texts on art to various publications both in Italy and the UK, including Turps Magazine, il Tascabile, Il Foglio, IL Magazine de Il Sole 24 Ore, Archivio and many others.

Click on the links to read a selection of Sofia’s texts:

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text2 [ITA]

text3 [ITA]


-Readings, Teaching and Public Talks

2015 – present: painting mentor. Turps Banana Art School, London

2018, September: THE FIRST MORNING FEST OF UNREASONABLE ACTS, curated by Antonio Grulli and Keren Cytter, Palazzo Bentivoglio, Bologna

2017, October: workshop “DI-SEGNO: esercizi sulla linea”. Villa Médicis, Académie de France à Rome

2017, October: workshop “DI-SEGNO: dal collage alla perdita di senso”. Villa Médicis, Académie de France à Rome

2017, April: presentation of the memoir “Il cortile del Tasso” by Ruggero Savinio. Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Roma

2017, May: lecture. “A Century of British Painting”. Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna. Class of Luca Bertolo

2016, April: lecture. “Thirty Years of Painting – 1970-2000”. IUAV University, Venice. Class of Agnes Kohlmeyer

2015, April: lecture. “Introduction to Contemporary Painting Practices”. NABA University, Milan. Class of Adrian Paci

2015, March: lecture. “Introduction to Contemporary Painting Practices”. IUAV University, Venice. Class of Agnes Kohlmeyer


Sofia Silva has contributed visual works, prose and poetry to the following artists’ publications

“Il limite Merlin James. Se la pittura non è un mezzo ma un mondo” Bertolo, Luca. I baffi del bambino. Roma: Quodlibet, 2018

“on a short novel by Doris Lessing” ° Doris – Issue 1. Glasgow: Soft Fiction Projects, 2018

“Little Heart” ° Marcon, Diego. IL MALATINO. Milan: Silvana Editoriale, 2017

“La Belle Époque del Lombrico” ° [Text for an exhibition of Fleur Jaeggy’s works on paper]. Milan: La Milanesiana, 2017

“Il Cristo Cancellatore” ° [Collaboration between Emilio Isgrò and Sofia Silva] Il Foglio 4 Aug. 2016: III

“Parigi non è Parigi” ° Blauer Hase. PAESAGGIO – Issue Toro. blauer hase publications, 2016

“Call that sexual freedom? Kiss my…” ° Garageland Magazine Issue 18: Sex London: Transition Editions, 2015

“Improving One’s Gaming Skills” ° Marcon, Diego. A Script for Dick. Rome: cura.books, 2014